About Me

When was the last time anyone ever “went travelling” and didn’t write about it in some fashion? I’m no different, so will be documenting my time around South and Central America over the next seven months, starting in Chile and ending in Mexico, My girlfriend, Holly, is with me for the ride too, but I’m used to her required hourly needs for either a coffee, food or a bathroom by now, so it will be 100% stress-free.

Over the last ten years of travelling I’ve been to amazing places, met wonderful people, and had experiences ranging from thrilling to terrifying, and all I have to show for it is some rubbish photos on an iPhone 4 rattling around a dusty drawer. It scares me how many of those experiences are gradually slipping away from my mind – for example, I spent some time in Prague around 2011 but if you asked me for some tips now all I could tell you would be not to get ripped off buying potatoes. I’m hoping that this space will serve as something for me to look back on in years to come, as well as sharing something of interest to anyone who cares to read. As well as the standard topics of what to eat, where to find a cheap beer, and the joys of hostel dorms which I’m sure will come up at some point, I hope I can help others discover and learn about the rich history and culture of the kind of places which we’re not taught at school.

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